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Domain name Transfer includes Automatic One Year Extension

  A Confirmation email containing instructions for completing this transaction will be sent to the Administrative Contact email address.
  If you do not have access to this email address, you must contact your current registrar and change it before initiating a transfer.
  To view Administrative Contact information for the above domain name(s), please click on the domain name link.

If your domain was registered with another registrar, you can transfer it to, and choose as your new registrar.

The cost to transfer a domain is just $12.50 for .com domains, and this adds one year on to your registration term. For example, if your name expires in December of 2018, you can transfer it to us and once the transfer is complete, the new expiration date will be December of 2019.

To begin, click on the Domain Manager link at If you have an existing account with us, enter your username and password. If you have never used our services before, click on 'Open a new Account', and fill out the online form for new customers to set up your new account with a username and password. This is how you will get access to your domain once the transfer is complete.

You will receive confirmation of your request immediately. Also, within 24 hours, the administrative contact listed in the WHOIS record will be asked to verify the transfer request. Please make sure that the admin contact's email is up-to-date before submitting a name for transfer.

In the admin approval email, there will be a link to click on, and a code to cut and paste. Once you've approved the transfer, your prior registrar may email you their own confirmation letter. Read it carefully and follow the instructions. Once you've approved the transfer with them, your name should migrate to our system within 5-7 days. FOR THIS REASON, WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU BEGIN THE TRANSFER PROCEDURE AT LEAST TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO THE EXPIRATION DATE.

The information currently contained in your domain will remain the same prior to, during and after the transfer. Once the domain has successfully transferred to our system, you may begin using the online management system to make any changes you like.

Manage your Domain Transfer

  • Will the ownership of the domain I am transferring change? 
    Absolutely not.
      The ownership of the domain name will remain the same after the transfer, as it was before the transfer.  You register it, you own it - 100%.
  • What is a domain name transfer?
    If you already own a domain name, you probably registered it with another Registrar and you will probably be asked to pay more for another year of registration, than when you previously registered it or transferred it to the other registrar.  If you transfer your .com domain to, you will enjoy an unbelievable savings on your domain name renewal, since it will cost you only $12.50 including Internic charges, to renew your domain name. Transferring your domain to us means that your domain will be moved from your existing registrar to us.
  • What does fee include when I transfer my domain from other registrar to
    By transferring your domain name to you will be paying the same price as a domain name registration and you get an automatic 1-year extension to the domain registration expiration date.  You will also get free parking, Free URL Forwarding and, Free Domain management, Free DNS Transfer, and Free Domain Locking for each domain name transferred and much more. 
  • Will my domain's Whois information and hosting change?
    No, everything on your domain name record will remain the same when you transfer it to, including your current Hosting company, and DNS record information.  The expiration date is the only thing that will change, which will have an automatic extension of one year from the previous registration date with the losing registrar. If you want to change Hosting companies, or update your domain name contact information, you will be able to make changes to your domain name by using our Domain Manager.  You will need your username and password to make any changes. 
  • I have a several hundred domain names and I would like to transfer them to will you help me with the transfer if I need help?  
    We have many clients who have transferred several hundred domain names to We are pleased to offer our clients a state of the art domains transfer facility where you can transfer all domain names at a time with no faxing or forms to fill ou

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