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DNS Transfer





How to change the DNS for your domain to point to your hosting company's servers Free.

DNS TRANSFER IS NOT A REGISTRAR TRANSFER. IT'S TO modify the name server setting associated with that domain name.

Your hosting provider should have given you the primary and secondary DNS information. This information will usually take this form:

Primary Hostname-
Primary IP-
Secondary Hostname-
Secondary IP-

You can log on to our website at, and click on "
Domain Manager".  Log in by entering the username and password you chose at the time of registration. If you have forgotten the username and password you chose, you may enter the email address you entered at the time of registration to have your username and password emailed to you.  After you log in, you will see links to the actions you can perform. Click the Edit "DNS" link for the domain(s) whose hosting you wish to alter. You will be able to see the current name server info listed.  On the next screen, you will be able to enter the hosting information your host has given to you. Replace the current servers with the new server info, and click the "Continue" button. Your new DNS information will be automatically entered, if it is verified to be valid.  It will take a couple of days (24 - 48 hours) for your change to propagate Internet-wide.


We became aware that some hosting companies are requesting that our customers transfer their domain name to them.  Due to the lack of understanding about the term "transfer", they make it appear that in order to use their hosting service, you must transfer your domain name to them, not the DNS only.  This can be a costly mistake to you now and in the future, due to the exorbitant cost you will be charged for yearly domain renewal, and your future business.  By having your domain name with a company that only registers domain names, you will have the flexibility to change hosting companies anytime you wish without losing your domain name or your hosting service.  In order to set up hosting for a website, you only need to modify the name server setting associated with that domain name.  You can do that in minutes at without having to transfer your domain name and with no extra charge. 

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